10 Simple and Affordable Kitchen Makeovers

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It’s possible that your kitchen is a little outdated. The cabinets might look old, the paint might be cracking or it’s lacking some color and style that wow your guests. While a remodel is in the back of your mind, it might not be something you can afford or have time for right now, but there’s still a way to give your kitchen a minor face lift and the TLC it needs without breaking the bank. It’s important to choose a project that achieves the impact you’re looking for that perfectly fits into your price point and whether it’s investing in new dishes or getting a little messy by adding a new coat of paint, these easy and affordable kitchen makeovers will surely fit into your budget.

1. Repaint cabinets

repainted cabinets Changing up the color of you cabinets could be exactly what your kitchen needs to look brand new. Choose a color that matches your appliances and one you feel comfortable in. Light shades of blues and greens offer a relaxing environment. And remember, you can’t go wrong with a classic white! Grab some paint sample cards and some pals to help you out when you start painting. You’ll be done in no time and can enjoy cooking in your updated kitchen.

2. Add or change hardware

mix and match cabinet knobs and pulls Adding or changing the hardware of your cupboard can be fun and super affordable, but the price all depends on where you buy your hardware and how many cupboards you have. Make sure you count how many knobs and pulls you’ll need before you set out to buy some and consider the price tag for each. Opt for colorful ones if your kitchen is needing some color or incorporate metallics like gold or bronze. Don’t be afraid to mix and match as long as they’re in the same color scheme or family. You can find some really unique knobs and pulls at the thrift store too and they won’t cost you much.

3. Open shelving

Aran Cucine Imperial kitchen collection
Aran Cucine Imperial kitchen collection
Removing some of the cabinet doors and adding glass doors or leaving them completely open brightens up the space immediately. It’s a great trick to open up a small space and is perfect for displaying attractive plates, glasses or decor. Just make sure to fill and paint over the holes where the hinges once were. There are many ways to decorate open cabinets with the right technique to achieve aesthetics.

4. Rustic elements

Rustic accents in kitchen Farmhouse decor is more popular than ever and naturally makes a kitchen feel cozy and warm. Incorporating rustic elements is really easy and doesn’t require much work either. Add a touch of wood to your current kitchen theme by displaying bamboo cutting boards against the kitchen counter, putting up some wooden shelves, tossing wooden utensils in a crock or setting wooden stools by a counter. You can grab a lot of these things at flea markets or thrift stores to save some money.

5. Accent stools

Accent stools in kitchen A perfect way to add a pop of color to your kitchen is by incorporating statement stools by the bar top. This project can be on the higher price point depending on the quality of the stools and the amount you need to get, but it’ll be a great way to gather people around as you’re making dinner and can be just the kind of sprucing your kitchen needs.

6. New dishes

new dishes in kitchen to spruce it up You use your dishes daily so if you’re currently using a set comprised of a variety of styles and colors you’ve acquired throughout the years, why not invest in a good quality, matching set that you’ll love? White is always a classic choice for dishes and you can easily incorporate some color by investing in some accent pieces, like a large statement bowl or serving tray. Display dishes on shelves or open cabinets for design and easy access.

7. Bar carts

coffee bar cart Add a bar cart in your kitchen not just for organization, but for a little style as well. It’ll be a great focus point in the corner of a kitchen or at the end of your countertop. Your specific bar cart can be anything you like and can depend on what you use often in your kitchen that you don’t necessarily want tucked away inside the pantry. A coffee or tea bar, pasta bar, alcohol bar or baking bar are great examples of what you can use your bar for.

8. Attractive storage containers

Rae Dunn kitchen canisters It’s a great idea to be organized in your kitchen and affordable, attractive storage containers are pretty much available everywhere now. Display these out for people to see and so they’re conveniently accessible for you when you need them.

9. Add artwork

gallery wall in kitchen If you have the wall space in your kitchen, add a gallery wall for some color and conversation starters. The great thing about gallery walls is that the artwork can be comprised of unrelated things and the frames don’t have to be the same size. Scatter the frames in random horizontal and vertical order for a modern look. If you don’t have the space for a gallery wall, simply prop one or two framed pieces of art on an open shelf.

10. Replace lighting fixtures

modern-pendant-lighting Updating your current lighting fixtures by simply replacing the pendants can be a quick change that offers dramatic effect. Choose statement pieces to place over a kitchen island to turn it into a focal point for people to naturally gravitate towards or brighten up a room by opting for glass pendants. These budget-friendly makeover tips are so fun and easy that we wouldn’t be surprised if you tried them all! If you already have a great foundation in your kitchen yet it lacks some pizzazz, there’s no need to spend a lot of money to spruce it up. Good luck and have redecorating!