Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

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The style of your kitchen cabinets can set the tone for your entire home and choosing the proper hardware to match can really bring the room to life. Whether you are remodeling your current kitchen cabinets, installing completely new ones or just sanding down and refinishing your old cupboards, choosing the right kitchen cabinet hardware can make those cabinets look their best and make a statement.

First, choose the right color and style

The right door handles can make any kind of kitchen cabinets stand out, but it is important to choose the perfect style and finish. When choosing kitchen cabinet hardware, consider the color of the cabinets themselves and choose handles that will compliment and bring out the beauty of the surface, whether it’s wood, aluminum, veneer or MDF. Dark wood cabinets will look beautiful with bright brass fittings, while black drawer handles go perfectly with lighter wood cabinets. Also consider whether you want knobs or pulls. Door pulls are as practical as they are attractive and they are a great way to open kitchen cabinets that are in hard-to-reach areas of the kitchen. Cabinets located overhead and at knee-height can benefit from door pulls, since pulls can be easier to operate than traditional drawer knobs. It will also be a good idea to determine whether you’re going for a traditional look or something more modern before purchasing new hardware. To help you choose, here are some cabinet hardware options and what kitchen styles they’re best for.

Tubular or Flat Bar Pulls

flat bar pulls cabinet
Aran Cucine Doga Flat Collection with flat bar pulls
These types of pulls offer a modern touch to your kitchen cabinets and they’re one of the more popular styles you see nowadays in contemporary kitchens. They make a big statement in your kitchen and look great when they run long across the cabinet doors. They’re perfect for flat panel cabinet doors and offer a modern, industrial feel. As a rule of thumb, match the color of your pulls with the color of your appliances for a uniform look.

Bin Pulls

bin-pulls-cabinet You’ll typically find a bin pull on a drawer and they give your kitchen a vintage look. They’re classic and make for an easy open as your fingers naturally fit inside the pull. They come in a variety of styles and colors, but if you’re looking for something more traditional, choose silver, bronze or gold for your drawers. For drawers longer than 30 inches, you’ll need two bin pulls. Don’t be afraid to mix and match; bin pulls on drawers will look great paired with knobs on cabinet doors.

Profile or Tab Pulls

cabinet profile pulls
Aran Cucine Bilma Evo with profile pulls
A profile or tab pull are for those who want a handle on their cabinet doors without the dramatic look. This minimalistic pull is discreet on your cabinets yet still function well as handles. They look great on high-gloss painted cabinet doors or wood veneer and can be done in a couple of ways; you can install smaller tabs if you wish or long tabs that run almost the length of the cabinet or drawer. Choose silver to be unobtrusive or you can opt for black for a dramatic, modern look.

Nickel or Steel Knobs

kitchen-hardware2 For something simple and traditional, nickel or steel knobs are perfect for your cabinet doors and are typically paired with Shaker style cabinets, the more popular style of cabinet doors. Knobs are easy to install and they’re timeless.

Glass or Ceramic Knobs

For something vintage to pair with your Shaker cabinets, choose glass or ceramic knobs. This will offer a Victorian look to your cabinets doors. They’ll come in a variety of designs and colors, giving you many options to choose from and will add your personality to your kitchen. These types of knobs work well with stained wood cabinets or glass-front hutch cabinets.

C-or J-Channel Rail Pulls

c-channel pulls cabinet doors
Aran Cucine Masca Evo with C-channel pulls
This option is perfect if you really want to go for a minimalistic look. With a C or J-Channel, you won’t be installing any pulls or knobs onto your cabinet doors, leaving the surface smooth and sleek. Instead, on the edge of the cabinet doors and drawers where your fingers naturally go to open them, you’ll find a groove in the shape of a C or J. These rails will typically be a sleek metal but you can match it to the color of your cabinet doors for a subtle look. This type of pull works perfectly with painted or stained wood-flat panel doors. Just make sure to wipe down the channel often as dust and spills can get caught in the grooves.

Safety Closure Mechanisms

No matter what kind of cabinets you have in your kitchen or what pull or knob you decide to install, it is important to focus on safety with the right closure mechanisms for your cabinets, such as soft closing hinges. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally slam cabinet doors and drawers on your fingers or someone else’s. If you have young children at home, installing safety closures and child-proof latches on easily accessible kitchen cabinets and drawers is a good idea to keep your children safe in the kitchen and prevent their fingers from getting stuck. These safety closure mechanisms are easy to install and will provide you with real peace of mind when your little ones are still growing and learning.