Durable Finishes for Coastal Kitchens

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Have you ever wondered what the best material would be for your kitchen cabinets in coastal San Diego or Orange County?  Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel and have questions about durable finishes?  At Aran Cucine San Diego we manufacture different door front options that will suit your climate based needs as well as budget.  The top four finishes are: low pressure laminates, high pressure laminates, and glass or porcelain doors. Copy of lab 13 (6) Low Pressure Laminates (LPL) Low pressure laminates are created using high heat and low pressure to press the layers of melamine infused  paper together to create a very durable finish.  With current technological advances, the look and feel of laminate can even resemble that of real wood.   In the Aran Cucine TreDici collection, the New Zealand Oak has a texture when you touch it.  The simulated grain is incorporated into the final coat thus mimicking a wood surface. Whether you choose a LPL or HPL, both are flame retardant and have anti-bacterial properties due to their non-porosity. High Pressure Laminates (HPL) High pressure laminates are considered slightly more durable than low pressure laminates as it relates to resistance of chemicals and heat.  A high pressure laminate is made using adhesives as well as low heat along with high pressure to press the layers together.  There is usually a price difference due to the manufacturing process between LPL and HPL.  Many colors options are available and range from solid matte colors to faux wood to high gloss finishes. Copy of bijou (3) Bijou Glass with Aluminum Edge At Aran Cucine, the Bijou collection uses high-tech processes to make glass cabinet door fronts.  The thin glass sheets of 4 mm are mounted to an aluminum frame, available in Brushed or London Grey.  The glass door finishes are available in 22 solid color options and can be matte or glossy.   Bijou Porcelain with Aluminum EdgeCopy of bijou The Bijou collection includes a porcelain finish, available in 12 colors.  The sheets are 4 mm thick and also mounted to a Brushed or London Grey aluminum frame, creating an invisible profile.  The porcelain is a product of innovation in sustainable energy that is respectful of the entire ecosystem and can be easily recycled into other production phases.  All finishes in the Bijou collection are resistant to heat and scratches.   Any of these finishes would work well in a humid environment and not suffer from shrinkage or warping.  Colors will remain vibrant giving you piece of mind as you enjoy your dream kitchen.