Modern & Traditional – an oxymoron?

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A client who started a kitchen remodel recently asked me “Is it possible to have a traditional kitchen but it still be contemporary and trendy?” I would say there are not limitations to updating your traditional look to modernize your kitchen. There are three easy ways to achieve a contemporary look for your kitchen: Color, Lighting, and Integrated Appliances. Imperial12


Color has an important role in changing your environment. At ARAN Cucine San Diego, within the Imperial collection there are plenty of color options from Sand to Chianti Red to Carbon Black, that can provide a contemporary look to a traditional kitchen design. Additional accents of gold or silver gilding can add some bling to door fronts.


Lighting can provide ambiance but also serve as a functional element. Interior LED strip lighting can be mounted inside cabinets to provide illumination when you open the door by automatically turning on. This specialized task lighting adds a modern touch while allowing a full view of storage space and means never misplacing a platter again.


Integrated and fully paneled refrigerators and dishwashers can help achieve a seamless flow and appearance. Many appliance brands now have options for concealing appliances by adding a custom panel. In particular, refrigerators and dishwashers can be hidden behind a panel that matches the rest of your cabinetry. Your focal point can then be your beautiful European cabinets and countertops. A detail once used exclusively in modern kitchens applied to a traditional space helps to make it more modern. Save