Updates And Upgrades To Sell Your Home Faster And For More Money In 2017

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  The housing market in San Diego and the entire U.S. is extremely competitive right now. With a seller’s market, buyers typically have the hardest time. However it’s not uncommon for sellers to be challenged as well, especially when enough homes are on the market. There have been reports for Q1 2017 showing listings dropping in price, and of sellers giving perks to court premium buyers for a quick turnaround. One thing is certain right now: buyers are not willing to settle for less than what they want in a home. To help entice buyers (and what you should look for as a buyer), we’ve put together a list of the most desirable home updates and upgrades for 2017:  

Wired For Fiber Optic Internet

The tech industry is booming, which means tech workers are house-hunting. These individuals and families require fast internet for their livelihood, so providing it is a no-brainer. Many regions of the U.S. have access to fiber optic internet from Verizon, Frontier Communications, Google Fiber, or another provider in the area. If you’re unsure of what providers are in your area, a quick Google search will get you headed in the right direction. This has been one of the most common reasons for buyers to skip over a home. The internet service provider (ISP) will frequently pay for installation. More generally, Netflix and other streaming services make up more than 70% of internet traffic. These services require a fast internet connection for a high-quality movie or TV show. Low res like 480p and random loading pauses are deal breakers. A fiber optic internet connection helps prevent those from happening. Families will also be heavy internet users, as most kids and teens are using the internet to watch TV and movies, and play games.


Energy-Efficient Appliances & Features

“Going green” is more important than ever, and more people than ever factor it into their decision when buying. The yearly savings alone are enough to convince someone to make changes. A house with all energy-conscious appliances could see up to 30% savings on their bill. For the average bill in the U.S., that’s over $400 per year saved, just from buying the correct appliances. New appliances are expensive, but are a great selling point and can be directly added to your asking price. Miele’s refrigerator lines are excellent examples. They’re a highly-recognizable brand, with an unmatched, energy-saving product. They are pricey (make sure you work with an interior designer who’s involved with a trade program) but an easy way to directly increase the value of your home. Tankless hot water heaters are also a great selling point. Once you test a shower or sink that gets hot water within a few seconds, you’ll never go back. These are a great energy saving appliance because a large amount of water doesn’t have to be heated constantly, as is the case with a traditional tank water heater. Construction-related items such as siding, windows and insulation are also simple improvements to help make a home more energy-efficient and worth more. Along with the savings on the utility bill, these changes will give your house an updated appearance to draw more interest.  

Solar Panels

Keeping with the energy theme, solar panels are a huge selling point for new and existing houses. If you’re in a sunny area, solar panels are a must. You can actually earn money from the utility company having these installed. The trend in solar panel sales has increased every year since 2010 and sales are speeding up faster than ever. If you haven’t purchased yet, make sure you do before the end of 2019 to get your full government rebate in the U.S.  

Electric Car Chargers

Electric cars such as the Tesla Model S and the upcoming Model 3, and hybrids like the Toyota Prius are quickly becoming the norm. As this continues, houses with electric car chargers already installed will begin to command a higher price and sell faster. This trend has already started. Places like California and Norway, where the number of electric vehicles is huge, are seeing record numbers of electric car chargers being installed. Adding these is simple, and any electrician can handle the job for a low install price. Make sure your installer is licensed and insured to guarantee the best results. As with the other appliances, the cost of the charging unit might be high, but it can be added straight to your asking price.  


The kitchen is central to every home. It’s the most commonly occupied room in the house, and where people typically gather for parties, meals, and more. Updating the look of your kitchen can completely reinvent your home and make it appealing to today’s buyer. The current trend is for modern European kitchens, specifically Italian kitchen cabinets. These are customizable products that fit any home, making them a perfect upgrade for increasing your home’s value. New owners typically do this anyway if a kitchen hasn’t been remodeled recently. Making meals at home has become more and more common as well. Everyone wants to eat healthier, and cooking is what people are turning to. This is making the kitchen a high priority for home buyers. Bella Modern Italian Kitchen ARAN Cucine’s modern Italian kitchens, such as the Bella line (pictured above), or the traditional Italian kitchens, such as Imperial (pictured below) are excellent choices for any home, in any location. These are an instant selling point. They’re completely customizable and have a quick turnaround time, making them a superior choice compared to a local custom cabinet maker recommended by your contractor. Imperial Traditional Italian Kitchen Couple this with the new, energy-efficient appliances mentioned before like a refrigerator and coffee maker from Miele and you’re providing a completely new kitchen for buyers, which is a great way to boost your asking price. An attractive kitchen means an attractive listing.  


Mow your lawn and keep trees and bushes trimmed. Obvious, right? But most don’t know how much this can hurt your chances of selling. First impressions are the most important, and it’s no different when It comes to your house. If the outside of your home isn’t well-kept, potential buyers may keep driving when they spot your lot. Even if they do stop to check out the interior, your sale price will be lower. Houses with messy yards almost always sell for less because they sit on the market longer.  

Exterior and Interior Paint

As with landscaping, one of the first things people notice is a home’s exterior. If there’s peeling paint, discoloration, moss or algae growth, or worse, buyers are going to politely turn the other direction. Getting a fresh coat of exterior paint is a cheap investment and should be done every 5-10 years anyway to protect your home from the weather and climate. A buyer’s home inspector will note regular maintenance on their report. Interior paint is the first impression when a buyer walks through the door. Marks on the walls, drywall patching, and other signs of wear and tear are obvious. If you’ve been living in your home, it’s likely you’re used to them and wouldn’t think twice, but potential buyers definitely will. Interior paint is also a cheap investment. A great time is after you’ve moved out your belongings and only the staging furniture and items are left.  

Professional Cleaning

Having a clean house is another first impression item, and something your real estate agent will likely recommend or point out. You don’t want to be the one cleaning carpets or dusting, so hire a professional. It’s a cheap service and requires very limited involvement on your part, but makes a huge difference for potential buyers.