Lab13, the ultimate kitchen design system

Lab13 is a totally new kitchen system with dimensions based on the factor of 13. Overall, this design consideration offers several advantages over our standard sizes, such as a 20% increase in storage capacity. We're proud to offer a totally rethought collection that combines ample storage, increased flexibility in appliance selections, design with beauty and superior engineering quality with ergonomics.


Ergonomics without compromises

Experience ergonomics without compromises, thanks to things such as: the availability of different toe-kick height that adapt the height of worktop for the kitchen user. Smarter storage solutions that neatly store objects such as pizza plate in wall units. Four unique doors styles in more than fifteen materials, for over 150 finishes. In the Lab13 PRO range, all lacquered surfaces are treated with an innovative anti-bacterial finishing solution. This treatment has been scientifically proven to prevent 99.9% of all bacterial adhesion, ensuring that your kitchen stays as hygienic as possible.

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