Metropolitan Future Kitchen

MET is a flexible piece of furniture that is able to move, transform and adapt to new lifestyles and consumptions, projected into a future of environmental sustainability. Flexibility, versatility, modularity, ease of use and the many possibilities of configuration follow the trend of recent years to create an optimized space that opens to other locals. It is a perfect summary of harmony between lines, shape and material.


Perfect summary of harmony between lines, shape and material.

The “home automation” comes into the kitchen with a very easy and convenient extension mechanism. Safety sensors check that there aren’t objects that can prevent the closure during the cover’s movements, stopping immediately the movement in case of obstacles. The hood and tap are retractable. Met stems from the need to think of a furniture that joins in a self-supporting block to all typical functions of a kitchen in a little space without sacrificing the usability. Met is practical and functional; it extends and closes with a simple movement as needed.

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